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Monday, September 5, 2011

Autumn Update!

Hello my followers,

I have yet again been slacking on this. Things have been absolutely crazy around here!! In April I got a job at PKai Hair as a Graduate Stylist and I'm STOKED! I'm learning so much and it's awesome to work with such a prestigious well known owner like Kai (who is nominated for the Eastern Region British Hairdresser of the Year!) and such an amazing team at the salon. I'm gonna be on fire when we return to the States! I am so lucky to be a salon like this over here being so new to the industry. For those of you who know who Eric Fisher is, Kai is like the British version of him. lol. Here's some of his work, beautiful! He took the photos as well!

How amazing is that? I work full time but it's definitely worth every second. :)

Other than that, we went back home for 2 weeks in June for a family reunion, and drove to Belgium in August and WOW was it beautiful! I also got to see where my Great Uncle Mike Shay was buried who died in WWII.

The beautiful city of Dinant!!! I loved this place! One of the hidden gems of Belgium!

 I would post more, but there'd be hundreds!!! Brugge was also the cutest little European town ever!! If you've ever seen the movie called In Brugge with Colin Farrell, that's it. :) I know it may be awhile til I update again, so until next time!!

Sweet peas and cool beans,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2 Americans, a German, and a Bulgarian go Bowling

This weekend we had the pleasure of having some our good friends Lisa and Andrey come stay with us! Lisa was a foreign exchange student from Germany who I went to high school with and Andrey is her boyfriend from Bulgaria. I'm so glad living out here has given us the chance to go visit each other! We spent a few days in London, and then a day in Cambridge. We also taught Andrey how to bowl, which was quite fun! :) I'm so glad they were able to come, we haven't seen them in a year since we went to visit them in Cologne! We've been to London once before but got a chance to see some things we didn't get to before! :) INCLUDING PRINCE WILLIAM AND KATE and PRINCE HARRY!!! It was only for a few seconds, they were making there way into the New Zealand house to give their condolences for the earthquake. Here are a few pictures from our weekend:

 Hubby and I with the backdrop of the London Eye and Big Ben in the background. :)
Lisa, Aaron, Me, and Andrey at the London Tower Bridge! Very cool! We love you guys! We hope to make a visit to Germany sometime this Spring. :)

Annnnd here's the video I got of Prince William and Kate and Harry in there somewhere. It was totally craziness with the paparazzi and I actually felt kinda bad being one of the people holding up my camera to catch a glimpse of them, but I am a tourist and never actually seen royalty in person before and figured now was my only chance soooo I did it anyways, lol. You can see them get out of the limo and scurry inside.

So there ya have it! I have also managed to nab at least one interview since I've been back and got to bring in a few models to show off my skills. They seemed pretty impressed and said they would call but I'm still waiting for that phone call. :( I would really LOVE to work out in town and in a great salon, even if it's a little slower since I'm still a newbie. However I think I may try to apply on base, it may be a little easier to build up my clientele there if military wives hear there is someone good around. :) We have soooo many friends who are pregnant right now and ready to pop, some who have, and some who just found out they are pregnant. It hasn't happened yet for us, but it will happen when the time is right. I am ok with trying to work a little first and being back with hubby before we bring another human into this crazy world, but it will all happen in due time. That's all for now!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ISSE Show, Long Beach California

I'm back from Long Beach!! What an amazing trip! Sat-half of Monday was not long enough! The weather was  cooler than what I expected and rained a little on I can't complain! We came back to Kansas where a nice little blizzard was forming. And I don't mean Blizzard like Dairy Queen...I mean, KS looks like Narnia type of thing. Man is the weather CRAP here, lol. Not to mention I got a sore throat and developed strep throat my wknd in LA, but avast!! That did not stop me!! I had my water and trusty orange juice with me at all times. :)

We arrived in LAX about 10:30 that morning.

There be Michael (who won FIRST PLACE in the country for the Sassoon Student Cut and Color Competition! GO MICHAEL!), me, and Cat outside the airport waiting for our shuttle. I have to say, I do love Cali, but not so much Long Beach. It was very industrial and kinda stinky, lol. I would love to make a trip back someday and stay longer and see the sights! :)

We shopped a little bit that afternoon before checking into our hotel which was directly next door to the convention center. That night we had the Sassoon and Nuts and Bolts Recognition Ceremony with head of the NaB program Jim Yates and the International Education Director of Sassoon, Mr. Stephen Moody. We were given a certificate for being the top in the country. :)

The Eric Fisher Academy Nominees at the Recognition Ceremony. :)

Us with our kick ass Nuts and Bolts Instructor Mel with Jim Yates on the Red Carpet after the ceremony.

Me and Stephen Moody from Sassoon at their booth. I was so excited and honored to meet him! And nabbed a copy of Vidal Sassoon's new autobiography that isn't available in the US! :)

The next day was the first day we were able to go to the convention center and get into the show. Can I just say how HUGE it was and how AMAZING it was with all the vendors and amazing people in the business you wouldn't get a change to meet anywhere else! I am in awe of the hair gods, and can only work my ass off as hard as these people to be as good as them someday.

Us outside the convention center with out NaB cute. lol.

 Michael O'Rourke: Owner of Michael O'Rourke product line and Big Sexy products.

Nick Arrojo from TLC's What Not to Wear. One of my instructor's from EFA used to work for him.

Me and Nick!! What a super sweet man. He was so nice and I think he was getting ready to do something but nice enough to stop and talk to me and get a picture with him. Amazing!!!

Me and Stephen Moody, the International Education Director of Sassoon, from London. AWESOME!!! I cannot WAIT to go to the Sassoon Academy in London!!

Me and Kim Vo! What a sweetheart! He had just arrived and getting ready to go to his booth and I saw him and Mel told me to go over and just ask for a picture because I would never have another opportunity like this. She was right. :) He was in a hurry, but super sweet and let us get pictures with him! Thanks Kim, and Stephen and Nick!

Such an AMAZING AMAZING day!! Tabatha Coffey was going a meet and greet the day we were leaving but we weren't able to meet her because we had to catch our flight. :( However, I did buy her book It's Not Really About the Hair which I STRONGLY advise you to get your hands on! Its an easy read, funny, and I love it! So anywho, back to Saturday.....

We had the Sassoon Academy cut and color demo with Mark Hayes, the International Creative Director from London, along with the amazing Sassoon team, Jeremy, Tina, Sally and all the others! After the demo was a runway show featuring the looks they had done for the new Spring Summer 2011 collection.

 Mark Hayes.

Then after the show, we had to make like a bread truck and haul buns back to our rooms to change to get ready for the Nuts and Bolts and Sassoon Award Ceremony!

Jim Yates, Stephen Moody and the lady from Wella...I can't remember her name.

Cat and I didn't win. :( But the disappointment only lingered for a few moments!

 EFA Nominees all dressed up at the Award Ceremony!

 Mel was WAY excited when they announced Michael had won 1st place in the Sassoon Cut and Color Competition!
 *insert really loud high pitched girlie screams here*

 Sorry the pic is so blurry, my camera didn't like that screen!!

Mel getting her award for being the amazing instructor and Michael with Mark from Sassoon! He won cash, a year's supply worth of products, Wella color class and a cutting course the Sassoon Academy in London!!

After an amazing day AND night, it was time to get the heck out of our high heels and into some cute comfy party clothes and go out and celebrate!

 Me and Mel being silly for the camera. :P

 Cat and Michael
Me and Melba again. :)

There are many many MANY more pictures, but this is all for now. If you are interested in the rest from the Show, they are on Facebook. Thank you so much to EFA for providing us with an amazing trip and for an amazing teacher to tag along with us. :D We are all extremely honored and excited to be a part of this elite group and had a kick ass time! We didn't go home empty-handed. We are all winners. I'm so incredibly lucky and blessed to have opportunities like this in my life that other hairdressers and makeup artists don't get. I love this industry and can't wait to see what it has in store for me. Or rather, what I have in store for IT.

"Dream big. Leave it to others-whether it's your sworn enemy or your mother-to tell you something can't be done. If you have a dream, supersize it. It's healthier than a Happy Meal and doesn't cost you anything. Go after your dream like it's the biggest deal you have ever seen and treat it like a monster to be tamed." -Tabatha Coffey

Friday, January 28, 2011

Take It Off!!

Well, I finally did it. I can't believe I did, but I did. I cut my hair short!! I think there's about 6-8 inches of me, However, I LOVE it!!! I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it, but I'm getting used to it and playing around with my new style. :) For those of you that don't know, I haven't had short hair since the 5th grade...and it was AWFUL. I've been scared to cut it ever since. (Almost like when you love a name so much, and then you meet that jerk that totally ruins it so you can't name your future children, only not as drastic). Here are the before and afters--I promise I will get a better non-webcam After picture as soon as my batteries are charged up again! Thank you SO much to my little bro I never had, Aaron Rogers for giving me this amazing new do! You are amazing and I love ya!

BEFORE (same one Suzie took of me on Sunday since it's the most recent one I have, lol)

AFTER! Although I do miss my long locks and something to touch and play with (I never realized how much I play with my hair until it's all gone!), this new style is just what I need before our weekend in LA and before I go back to England! And below, is me and Aaron (yes that's my husband's name, and my older brother's name. And actually, now that I think about it, we should just name all of our kids Aaron, boy or girl. Kinda like George Foreman. :) ). Thanks again little bro!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Summit Show 2011

The name is Bond...Oscar Bond! The Summit Show is a hair show where the best in the business get together to teach educators and students, and show off their amazing skills. The show was at EFA this past Sunday and I was fortunate enough to attend. Not only that, but I was a color model for Suzie Bond from L'Oreal and her team. Other guests included Robert Brown from Goldwell, reps from Bumble and Bumble in New York, Ann Bray from Aquage (who's done the most amazing updos I have ever seen!), of course Eric Fisher, and Oscar Bond from The Bond Academy in New Jersey. Oscar is from England and has taught at the Sassoon Academy in London as a part of the International Artist Team and Show Team. Lets just say this...Oscar was the one who taught ERIC when he attended Sassoon! I am in awe of the Hair Gods. lol. :) Here are some pictures from the Summit Show!! Enjoy!!

Me and the amazing Oscar Bond himself right before the show started! He was hilarious!!!

The beautiful and super sweet Ann Bray from Aquage! The updo QUEEN!

My "Before" picture....

And after!!! They did such a beautiful color on my hair from the new L'Oreal line INOA (which I'm certified to use now! Yay!)

I would also like to announce that I have PASSED my practical and theory State Board tests!! My license should be arriving in the mail very soon! I can't wait! Now I don't have to worry about that crap ever again! Not to mention going back to the UK, where a license isn't even REQUIRED!! I asked Oscar about Sassoon, and he said, "I've got something better. It takes a little bit of balls." (Mind you, this is all in a British accent, hehe.) "Call up different salons in London and ask to shadow for a few hours or a day. You'll learn more observing other people work than in a class." While I still have my heart set on at least ONE course at Sassoon, I will definitely take Mr. Bond's advice! I love watching people work anyways, but to watch some of the greats in London, I am excited, privileged, and honored.

I know this is technically my 'photography' blog and their have been a lot of posts about my schooling and hair and makeup recently. This is a part of my life now. A new found passion and talent...that I can use along with my photography and have been doing so the last few shoots. I hope this will help take me places in my career, especially in the short time we have left in England. I want to soak up as much as I can there. So, with that said, I had another photo shoot this week with Jennifer doing a very editorial look. Here is a just a little teaser, you will have to go to the website to view the rest (which will be up next week sometime) or become a fan on Facebook. :) That's all for now folks, I have to go pack for my LA trip this weekend!!! YAY! :) Make sure to watch my Nuts and Bolts Nominee video down below in the previous post! I will update on Tuesday when I get back! Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nuts and Bolts Part II

2011-New Year, New Chapter

Happy New Year everyone!!! 2011 is looking to be an amazing year so far and I have lots to report! I would like to announce that I have officially passed my practical and written state board exams, and am now a licensed Cosmetologist!! On Thursday, Jan 20th, I graduated from the Eric Fisher Academy (again, lol). It was our class graduation and I was honored to be class Salutatorian and give the class speech. Unfortunately my hubby was unable to attend this time. :( But I will be back with him soon! A night out of celebrating with my girls is in store for this Saturday. :)

A great big thanks and lots of love to Eric, and all my teachers at EFA, and my class for making it one of the most memorable, fun times of my entire life. I will remember it forever. <3

This week I also did a photo shoot with 3 different looks, of which I also did the hair and makeup for. My new career has made me love photography even more now that I can do all 3. I love it. Thank you to my friend Jennifer for modeling for me, you were AMAZING!!! We did a natural look, a glam look, and a party/smokey eye/evening look...:) This shoot was a BLAST!! To see the rest you'll have to go to the site or become a fan on Facebook! Make sure to become a fan, because you love me. :)

I am sooo happy with the way this photos turned out! We are trying to squeeze in one more shoot before I  head back to England (again, lol), with a super crazy fun editorial look. Hopefully we'll have time! But do take a look at the rest.  It's time for this girl to go to bed!! A girl's night tomorrow and a Summit Hair Show with Oscar Bond this weekend await. :)