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Monday, September 5, 2011

Autumn Update!

Hello my followers,

I have yet again been slacking on this. Things have been absolutely crazy around here!! In April I got a job at PKai Hair as a Graduate Stylist and I'm STOKED! I'm learning so much and it's awesome to work with such a prestigious well known owner like Kai (who is nominated for the Eastern Region British Hairdresser of the Year!) and such an amazing team at the salon. I'm gonna be on fire when we return to the States! I am so lucky to be a salon like this over here being so new to the industry. For those of you who know who Eric Fisher is, Kai is like the British version of him. lol. Here's some of his work, beautiful! He took the photos as well!

How amazing is that? I work full time but it's definitely worth every second. :)

Other than that, we went back home for 2 weeks in June for a family reunion, and drove to Belgium in August and WOW was it beautiful! I also got to see where my Great Uncle Mike Shay was buried who died in WWII.

The beautiful city of Dinant!!! I loved this place! One of the hidden gems of Belgium!

 I would post more, but there'd be hundreds!!! Brugge was also the cutest little European town ever!! If you've ever seen the movie called In Brugge with Colin Farrell, that's it. :) I know it may be awhile til I update again, so until next time!!

Sweet peas and cool beans,

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